धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। Dharmo Raksati Raksitah.

Dharma protects those who protect it.

– Veda Vyas, Mahabharat



This website aims to be a comprehensive curated compilation (republished with permission) of articles on Yoga, Meditation, Hinduism and all Dharmic Religions of India.


Our purpose is to speak to an agnostic western audience as well as to Muslims in India and in Islamic countries around the world. The goal is to change narratives focussed on a judgemental & punitive god; and lead people towards more liberal ideas of creator and creation (including that of no-creator and only Atman) as expressed in Hinduism and other Dharmic religions of India, as well as to spread the adoption of Yoga and Meditation among the target audience which we believe is the desired outcome of engaging with Dharmic philosophies.

The platform also expects to reach out to Indians belonging to all Dharmic traditions (Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism) and create a deeper sense of rootedness and connectedness with India and its multitude of philosophical and spiritual systems; and once again spread the adoption of Yoga & Meditation as a tool for (w)holistic living, achieving mental & physical health, and even achieving success in professional/work lives.

Yoga and Meditation are rooted in Hinduism (or Sanatana Dharma) and have been sustained, nourished and furthered by all Dharmic traditions of India–Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism. Hence this platform to bring together a comprehensive curated compilation of articles from around the world on Yoga and Hinduism together.

While for now we’re speaking to an English speaking audience, our long-term goal is to translate our curated articles into all Indian languages as well as select foreign languages.

Who runs this platform?

The project is owned, funded and run by Srijan Foundation Trust, a registered non-profit since 2004, via its volunteers such as Rahul Dewan.

Srijan Foundation works in several areas of national and civilizational importance to India, such as running non-formal schools in urban rural villages, in rejuvenating degraded forests, offering alternative historical and political narratives of the Indian civilization to its peoples, supporting and promoting alternative/traditional medicinal systems of India, among other projects.

Help us!

If you’re a publisher yourself, please help us with permissions to re-produce, in original or as excerpts, articles from your news magazines. If you are a reader and believe in our mission, we welcome you to volunteer your time / money / ideas / social media influence – anything at all. If you are someone who can help translate these articles in any of the Indian languages, once again we badly need your services and help. You could write to us at support@sarayutrust.org.


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