धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। Dharmo Raksati Raksitah.

Dharma protects those who protect it.

– Veda Vyas, Mahabharat

Praakrutik Vs Abrahamic: Theory On Who Are Good & Bad Human | Neeraj Atri | Rebuttal Of Prophetism

The very first aspect of Prophetism is, the divide the whole of the Humanity in two. There terminology could be different but it certainly divides the whole Humanity. This also comes across all ideologies because any idea you take, you will find the concept of Good & Bad present, always. So those who are the Naturalistic, & the Praakrutik, the division in them are done on what basis? So these base, what are their ethics? Or what are their behaviours? The most common example for this you can take would be of ShreeRaam & Raavan. ShreeRaam & Raavan worshipped the same God & were the devotees of Shiva, so herein whom they worship does not make them Good or Bad.

Their behaviour, their ethics, their actions, these make them good or bad. If any behaviour is doing wrong, or its behaviour seems wrong, which is not as per the accepted norms then we put that to the Bad category. And that’s why, when we celebrate RaamLeela, or while celebrating Dasshara, we see him as the symbol of Evil. So the categorisation of this Prophetism is a little different. In this the categorisation is done on the basis of Faith or Religion. Such as if that person is from my faith, belongs to my religion & my community then he/she is good otherwise he/she is bad. He can be rejected, that which we call ‘Otherisation’ now a days as “he is the Other”. Now the concept of this other is not found in the Praakrutik religions.  As in why he is bad, such as he was born in a certain type of house, or born into a different religion, on this basis he is not considered to be bad as far as the natural thought process is concerned. But when you come to Prophetic religions, therein this categorisation may be called either on the basis of Birth or on the basis of Religion. This categorisation, if you but look at Christianity then you would find this to be Believer Vs Infidel.

               In case of Islam it becomes Momin Vs Kaaffir. This division is not linked to Ethics. The best example for this can be taken from Gandhi ji. People have different opinion, some say him Good & others Bad. We will not delve into that debate. But all over the world its common concept that he talked of Non Violence so he was a good person, “he was a very good human being”. But how did these two Religions treated him, it gives us a very good & clear example such as how Differentiation & Discrimination is manufactured. In the year 2012, there is a Church in America, some of their people are present in here, ‘the Church of Jesus & later day Saints’, which is called Mormons in short. They baptized Mahatma Gandhi in 2012.

               Baptising means making him a Christian, converted to Christianity in absentia, after his death. What is the reason of this? As people asks, that you say those who are good people will go to heaven & the bad people will got hell. So what do you have to say about Gandhi ji. So generally the Christians get cornered as in what answer they would give to this? Because as per their Classification, they who are not Christians, they who have not accepted Christ as their Saviour, however good they are, however good their Karma are, they can’t go to heaven, they can only go to hell. So they had to save Gandhi ji & that is why they Baptised him. Now this could be a laughing stock for us but it is not for them, this is a very natural process for them. So anyone who wants to be saved got only one way left, this is a blind faith that “Jesus is the saviour”.

               Second example, we find it in history of our Country. When we were fighting for our Freedom, there was Caliphate/Khilaafat movement going on simultaneously. Wherein the two Muslim Brothers, including whom Gandhi ji tried to agitate. So this agitation happened in between 1919-20.  But in 1924 itself, these brothers who were Maulanas as well, said in their view Gandhi was most lowly person among most lowly Musalmans, because this is what our Religion says & our community says. So this is the first major difference. The difference among them is according to the community and in the other side its done in accordance with the ethics.