धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। Dharmo Raksati Raksitah.

Dharma protects those who protect it.

– Veda Vyas, Mahabharat

The Beginning & End Of The Creation: Rebuttal Of Messenger / Prophetic Religious Systems | Neeraj Atri

So these ‘Praakrutik’ people, they say that this creation has neither a Beginning nor have an End. It was existent always & will continue to be so. So this Prophetic system has a lot more clarity on this, they say that this world as we know was created on 23rd October 4004 B.C. almost 6000-7000 years ago & the End is just about to come. It was coming when Jesus was alive 200 years ago & now also it is just about to come.  Next is how this Creation is designed? Whether its End comes or not, so what is the meaning of Beginingless & Endless?

               As in Creation happened here in a time, then life starts, then it extincts, & then this cycle restarts, so this is a Cyclic process, never ending. There is a linear flow in Prophetism, such as the God created this on 6th day & placed living beings on 7th day then Life started. Then there would come a Judgment-day or the night of Dooms-day. On that day everyone will die & then they will go to heaven or hell, it will decide on that day. Then it will continue like that only.

               Here there is a difference which can see indirectly, herein in our land there is a belief that when “Aatmaa” leaves the body then the body is merely ash, it will end. This difference I have, I will tell you as per what I had experienced, there was one movie named ‘Godfather’. When we were children it was a very popular film. So one among them was the Don of the Underworld. He does some big Job for somebody. He worked for a person who was an Undertaker & was running a Funeral Parlour. So when this Don does his work he asks what can he do in return? So the  Don says “whenever I will need I will come to you on my own”. So, after a while the son this Don got killed by bullets in a Gang-war.

            So, since a lot of bullets were fired from Machine Gun, his face & all gets damaged. So he goes to this Funeral parlour with his Son’s dead body. And tells that this job is done beautifully. Restructuring his face, making it nice, then put him in the Coffin. I was very small then, I could not understand what was going on then? As in if this Don wanted he could have taken a lot of money out of him. But then why did he do such lowly act. What’s the benefit of doing makeup of that which has become ash? so when I started to study these religions I found out that they believe that a Judgment Day would come, & then all the dead would rise from their graves & they will be judged then.

               Then I started calculating this 7 Billion people, who have passed. So this number would come in trillions. It’s their saying that everyone will be in a queue & everyone will be called one by one. One would go Left towards heaven & the other on left to the hell. Then when I calculated logistically I found that there is something fishy. But anyway, let me come to my point again, so I was wondering that why, he gave such importance for doing the makeup. So to this they say, when he will go to heaven he is going to enjoy there too, there his face will be valued & will be of importance. So this, this, we can call it microscopic yet these are surprising to us & would not matter to us. But it matters a lot in their Prophetism.