धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। Dharmo Raksati Raksitah.

Dharma protects those who protect it.

– Veda Vyas, Mahabharat

Naming A Hindu Child: Why Should We Not Trust The Internet | Nityananda Misra

So, try the basic well, try checking a dictionary or go to a scholar who would know Sanskrit. Don’t blindly believe Google. So, this is actual screenshot from 16th of June for the name Ishanvi. Google Ishanvi for Sanskrit name meaning and you see the feature snippet which the Google shows which has the wrong meaning, and also the first result the second and third results, a lot of people do this, they just search the meaning of name on Google and Google sorts its information from web sites which are popular. Web sites which are popular are usually the name websites which have a lot of usage-oriented content, which is more of them are not correct, and Google shows up incorrect results, which are not to be trusted.

Next Wikipedia, so the Wikipedia kids are smarter than Google kids, because we believe on Wikipotter Wikipedia. We don’t believe in Google, which is not higher, so I, but when I say, don’t trust Wikipedia because except for protected article, Wikipedia can be edited by anybody. This screenshot was taken on 1st of June for the name, for the Article name Kiara, given name. We have a famous actress by this name already. Look at what it says, Hindi mem ‘Kiara’ meaning god’s precious gift, which is completely wrong. There is no such word in Hindi. In fact the word kayrri, kyaari means people would know, kyari me pouthe lagathe he, right. So that’s Kyaari not kiara, so this is wrong, Wikipedia not to be trusted.

This happened with me. A parent came to me and said I have named my daughter Rujula and its the name of Lakshmi and you confirm, if it is true and I said where did you read it and he said it was on Wikipedia and I said ok, let me check it out and I looked at Article on Lakshmi for Wikipedia which I believe would get at least few thousand hits per day, if not a  few thousand,  at least hundreds. So kiara is although a misleading name, this is something more misleading because the parents who is  apparently a worshiper of Lakshmi, he want to honor Lakshmi by giving Lakshmi’s name for his daughter is misled by Wikipedia into thing in that Rujula is one of the name of Lakshmi. Interestingly you see there is a citation at the end of the sentence, you see the number ‘39’ there I looked the citation I bought that book and the name was not there in the book, it was the book on hundred and eight name of Lakshami, and Rujula was not there in the book. So this is somebody writing some random content and people fall in for it, by trusting Wikipedia.