धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। Dharmo Raksati Raksitah.

Dharma protects those who protect it.

– Veda Vyas, Mahabharat

Ramanandacharya’s role in bringing back Hindus forcefully converted to other religions, back into the Hindu fold

People who criticize Ramanand, claim that Kabir was not his disciple, are unable to come up with any coherent arguments to support their arguments. They keep talking in a confused manner. However, Ramananad ji’s role in bringing back Hindus who had been forcibly converted to other religions is very big. This is a very big thing he did, which nobody else had done before him. Only a warrior saint could achieve such a thing.

To put it in plain terms, (we will move the slide forward), the norm in those days was that Hindus had been forced to accept Islam under the threat of the sword, threatened with such a scenario, the Hindu will convert to Islam, he has no option but to do so.

People were being converted in lakhs. However, the fanatic, willful Hindus who escaped such a fate, were not open to taking back these people into the Hindu fold once again. This created a huge problem. We should have been a little more open-minded about this. This did not happen. Ramananad got these people recognised as Hindus from scholars of Kashi and brought them back into the Hindu fold. He gave these people the “Vilom Mantra” which is also known as “Paraavartan Sanskaar”.

Look here what he writes. I have said this before, I would however like to highlight the following shloka, of Ramananad. This is very big, in the holy town of Kashi, he gave these people recognition. In his book, “Vaishnav Mataabj Bhaskar” he says, that “At the behest of the King of Ayodhya Hari Singh, 34,000 Rajputs who had been forcibly converted to Islam were brought back into the Hindu fold.”

रमानन्दस्य शिस्यौ वै छायोध्यामुपागत

कृत्वा विलोमाः तं मंत्रम वैष्णववाणस्थानकारयत

He writes further…”those people who were till sometime back following a different religion, they have now started to wear the Tulsi Mala around their necks, they wear the Vaishnav tilak on their forehead, and have the Ram mantra on their lips.”

कण्ठे च तुलसी माला जिव्हा राममयी कृता

म्लेच्छासते वैष्णवश्चान रामनंदप्रभावत

“They wear the Tulsi mala around their neck and have the Ram mantra on their lips and are very happy to have become Vaishnav once again from being a Mleccha, under the influence of Ramanand.”

Such a big accomplishment…this however must be bothering the Leftists. They have no problem when missionaries converting Hindus, because as far as they are concerned, it is but normal that given the atrocities abounding in Hindu dharma people would like to follow some other religion. But when the same Hindu comes back into the Hindu fold, then there is a problem. According to me the Leftists believe that bringing these converted Hindus once again into the Hindu fold was a cruel thing to do, by Ramamand. This is the reason why there is no mention of Ramanand in our school syllabus.