Maharishi Sushruta, a surgeon famous in Melbourne [Excerpt]

Source: – Hindu Council of Australia Web.

By: Surinder Jain.

The Royal Australia College of Surgeons (RACS), trains surgeons and is responsible for maintaining surgical standards in Australia and New Zealand. It aims to foster and promote the pursuit of excellence in surgical education and actively supports innovative surgical research, aid projects in underprivileged communities, skills transfer and education programs.


In its building, among some of the most prominent ancient physicians, one may come across a statue of Sushrata with the plaque mentioning him as Father of Surgery.

When contacted, the RACS were very proud of having the now famous statue in their building. The statue is displayed at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Melbourne and has been on display since early June 2018. It is made of marble with a granite base, is 1.2 m high and weighs a massive 550Kg. It is installed in the Skills lab area, East wing level 1 of the building and according to the RACS college, is a true work of art.

The college also has a collection of many rare and significant books in the field of medicine in its Cowlishaw Collection. A 1907 English translation of the works of Sushruta known as Sushruta Samhita by Kunjalal Bishnagratan is a part of that prestigious collection. According to the college, Sushruta is a foundation figure in Indian medicine and surgery and is hailed as the Indian counterpart of Hippocrates .

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  1. Mythological and imaginary fake Physician Sushruta by quoting a plagiarized Sanskrit text authored by a dubious Sushruta. Calcutta Medical College was founded in 1839. It was at this time spurious medical and surgical manuscripts in Sanskrit in the fictitious names of Charaka and Sushruta were produced. The Asiatic Society scholars in Calcutta accepted these fake manuscripts as genuine and published research papers in the Society journal. To legitimize this false claim, fanatical Sanskrit pundits, Ayurvedic physicians and some Orientalists chalked out a well planned strategy by which they linked the fictitious Sushrusa with world renowned Western surgeons. In 1815, Joseph Constantine Carpue wrote about a rhinoplasty performed on a wounded soldier whose nose had been all but destroyed in battle, and another patient whose nose had been damaged by arsenic. His work, the “Account of Two Successful Operations for Restoring a Lost Nose” became a standard work in medical colleges. Although the Italian surgeon Tagliacozzi’s treatise on making a nose from an arm flap, De curtorum chirurgia per insitionem(Venice, 1597), was an outstanding work, the condemnation of operation by religious authorities resulted in complete withdrawal of this practice. Students of Calcutta Medical College, founded in 1835, were taught about the works of Tagliacozzi and Carpue and the successful rhinoplasty performed by Carpue .Ayurvedic proponents wanted to show that Carpue and Tagiliacozzi learned rhinoplasty from Sushruta’s technique. It is quite transparent that the essential points in Carpue’s work were plagiarized and Sanskrit manuscripts were published in the fictitious name of Sushruta. To camouflage this act, Ayurvedic physicians claim that Carpue came to India and stayed for 20 years to learn Shusruta’s technique of rhinoplasty. But the fact of the matter is that Carpue had never come to India. The British medical journal Lancet is categorical that Carpue stayed and worked in London only.

    They also claim that the Italian Tagliacozzi also learnt from Sushruta’s method. To substantiate this false claim they had invented a story that Sushruta’s work was translated into Arabic during the Abbasid Caliphate and from there it went to Europe. What a fantastic manipulation! There is no Arabic translation of Shusruta’s work during the Caliphate.The famous physician in the Caliphate was Avicenna and he produced treatises and works that summarized the vast amount of knowledge that scientists had accumulated, and was very influential through his encyclopedias, The Canon of Medicine and The Book of Healing. There is absolutely no reference to Sushruta or rhinoplasty in his works. What is more, there is no statement by European surgeons that they received Sushruta’s Arabic translation from the Arabs during the Renaissance. Hoernle who deciphered these manuscripts was also fooled by these fake manuscripts.

    Birch bark-leaf manuscripts were alleged to have been found in 1909, and one may wonder how could these manuscripts survive for several centuries? We are told that fortune seekers found these manuscripts. How did the manuscripts find their way to Turkestan? So on the face of it everything is fraudulent.
    Doubting the authenticity of the works, Sir Aurel Stein met with Islam Akhun in Khotan in the spring of 1901. Stein questioned Akhun on the manuscripts and concluded that the manuscripts were fake. Eventually, he exposed Akhun for imitating Brahmi characters and inventing similar-looking characters. Sathyamev jayathae

    1. This is a typical Islamist or a deranged, self loathing leftist reply. I’d have laughed at it if it was not evil. Like Muslims build all the magnificent buildings in India when they conquered this beautiful land. Their sudden spring of knowledge sprouted the moment they set their foot on Indian soil. In Arabia, they ate lizards and lived in tents. BTW ever heard about Kerala school of Mathematics… It gave to the world Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Arithmetic, Astrology and much more including law of gravity, centuries before an apple fell in front of Newton. Not only Sushrut, but Acharya Charak and many more luminaries are part of profound Indian legacy, whose description will run into reams of pages.
      Indian civilization is the oldest living entity, Vedic science is the earliest knowledge compilation of highest human intellect and wisdom. Rigveda is the oldest book. Now come up with some fantastic conspiracy theory to debunk this.

    2. Look at this entire book you wrote in the comments, but not a single source to be found.
      It’s pathetic that you go out of your way to this degree to write a comment that has a total lack of credibility.
      No one will read your comment and think Sushruta is fake. What they will believe, however, is that you have way too much time on your hands considering you were able to type all that; and your comment was in October, so you can’t even chalk it up to quarantine.

      Please, get some help. Or at the very least, get a job.

  2. KANNAPIRAN, Learn what is there in the text Sustutha Samhita. Don’t resort on stories and gimmicks. You may fool yourself and rest in that euphoria. Because ignorance is not a crime. But please don’t celebrate it like this. Namaskaram

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