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Ken Ono – ‘I cannot dispute the claim that Ramanujan’s ideas came to him as visions from his family Hindu goddess’

Source: – Subhash Kak / Twitter.

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  • Vivek N Sharma

    I have deep respect for Prof. Ono and his dear friend Prof. Raghuram, both number theory giants, especially when their work heavily leans towards Arithmetic Langlands Program. However, having listened to Him and Robert Kanigel, a remarkably distinguished autobiographer of Ramanuja, may I register my reservations on the thoughts of Prof. Ono. I’ve always maintained that Ramanujan was a A Great Acharya in Our Original Tradition of Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva and Nimbarka. The very life and the impenetrable depths of Ramanujan’s Very Works shall testify this to any practicing Dharmic. My reservation is that while the West has focused enormously on Ramanujan’s works and wondered about the so-called Genius of Ramanujan, they have always been uncertain, speculative and dismissive about the sacred dimensions Ramanujan’s Works have. And this tweet of Prof. Ono is just one of the many exhibits of the western universalism: to cherry pick from Dharmic Traditions what suits them (in Ramanujan’s Case His Unfathomable Identities) and to reject what doesn’t fit in their biblical narrative (The Sublime Conversations between The Divine Mother Devi Of Nammakkkal and Her Devoted Son Ramanuja). So, this apparently adulatory remark of Prof. Ono deserves a poorva paksha as well, especially when Kanigel is outrightly dismissive of the Divinity the Srinivas was…

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