धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। Dharmo Raksati Raksitah.

Dharma protects those who protect it.

– Veda Vyas, Mahabharat

Why Ayurveda heals the human body while modern medicine suppresses disease

Maharishi Charak

Some tweet-ready notes from the video:

  1. Today’s science doesnt agree with what we learnt and still learn, in colleges
  2. What doesnt change is religion, what changes is science
  3. Quantum physics and the human body – the basis of Ayurveda
  4. Western medical non-science views the body as different parts – Reductionist Science
  5. One zygote cells divides to create a colony of 120 trillion cells – thats you
  6. When you have the ‘I’ feeling, illness starts, when you have ‘We’, wellness comes in
  7. For every human cell, there are 10 germ cells without which you cant survive
  8. It is not the genes that run your body as much as the environment its in
  9. Knowing the environment the body is in is key to treatment of disease
  10. There’s no pill for every ill, but there’s an ill after a pill – Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)
  11. Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) kills more people than cancer or heart attacks
  12. Normal cells & cancer cells work alike – cant kill a cancer cell without killing a normal cell
  13. Ayurveda and other ancient systems started much before Western reductionist science
  14. The perils of Descartes’ Reductionism – “I run this world”
  15. This world, in the quantum physics worldview,  is much bigger than what you can grasp
  16. Conventional science is based on your 5 senses – and they cover 5 percent of this world
  17. Ayurveda is based on quantum physics, which takes into consideration the whole world
  18. Mind, or consciousness, does not reside in the brain – its too huge for the brain to hold
  19. Mind is in the body.  The mind is the body.
  20. The Upanishads: “You are energy. The body is energy. The body is not matter”
  21. Why is Ayurveda gaining popularity in the west?
  22. The human body is not a machine or a car where if a carburettor goes, you put a new one
  23. Did you know Energy and Matter interchange in your body – 1024 times a second?
  24. Each time energy transforms from matter, it knows the blueprint of the matter
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